DisneyandSanrio360's movie-spoof and human style of 1982 Don Bluth film, "The Secret of Nimh".


  • Mrs. Brisby - Sailor Moon/Serena (Sailor Moon)
  • Jeremy - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
  • Nicodemus - Black Jack (Black Jack)
  • Mr. Ages - Daddy Walrus (Astro Boy)
  • Auntie Shrew - Sailor Mars/Raye Hino (Sailor Moon)
  • The Great Owl - Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
  • Justin - Shin Hayata/Ultraman (Ultraman)
  • Jenner - James (Pokemon)/Alien Baltan II (Ultraman)
  • Sullivan - Meowth (Pokemon)
  • Teresa - Uran (Astro Boy)
  • Martin - Sharaku (The Three-Eyed One)
  • Cynthia - Pinoko (Black Jack)
  • Timmy - Toby (Astro Boy)
  • Farmer Paul Fitzgibbons - Bomb (Angry Birds Toons)
  • Beth Fitzgibbons - Matilda (Angry Birds Toons)
  • Billy Fitzgibbons - Luca (Angry Birds Stella)
  • Dragon the Cat - Claw (Kimba the White Lion)
  • Brutus - Rasputin (Anastasia)
  • Miss Right - Misty (Pokemon)

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